Who we are,
and what we do

Our Mission

We introduce Manufacturers to our industrial customers. We want to take away our Manufacturers' sales burden so they can focus on what they do best - making quality products

Our Role

We are on the ground, meeting and networking with industrial companies at trade shows, offices and factories. Daily, we grow our database of manufacturing companies and their personnel. We look for potential business opportunities to increase revenue and diversify the portfolio of our Manufacturers. We build their brand in the marketplace through a targeted marketing program. We assist new entrants locate in the North American market

Our Values

We conduct ourselves in accordance with our values. We believe it is the best way to run your business

Trustworthy above everything
Focus on delivering a great service, and all else will follow
Treat people fairly, and demand the same in return
Get the job done

About the Owner

Grant Breheny

Like most Procurement professionals, I somewhat fell into the function some 30 years ago. I worked across the globe, building supply chains in the UK, Europe, China, S. Korea, Mexico and particularly the US, all for manufacturing organizations. Experience has been gained in the automotive & truck, industrial. lawn & garden, agriculture, aerospace, telecommunications, and oil & gas sectors. Along the way, I met many great suppliers and together we kept the customer happy.

The past 5 years, I have worked with a few of these very same suppliers, and others, as their sales support. In many ways its the same role - working between a supplier and the end customer. From deep experience, I understand what the buyer needs and expects. With my team, we work tirelessly to manage that relationship and deliver the best experience possible.