near Shoring

Near-Shoring Assistance

near shoring

We assist overseas based Manufacturers set up
operational capability in the North American
market. The site selection process is more a site elimination process as you start with a wider criteria and then narrow down to the most suitable based on a number of factors

1) Define your criteria

To determine all the location criteria, we would work together to list all key issues that will be important in setting up the plant and being able to serve your customers

2) High level location screening

Identify potential locations and score against your defined criteria under the following groupings - proximity to potential customers, transportation & logistics, labor, utilities, taxes, real estate, and regulatory environment

3) Site and community level location analysis

Reduce to a select 3-10 regions in your 2-3 preferred states and analyze factors based on each property (zoning, utilities, transportation, site characteristics, security), community (labor force, infrastructure, development trends, industrial services, regulations) and state and local incentives

4) Property due diligence and incentives negotiation

Once the finalist locations are selected, conduct property due diligence to obtain commitments on utility services and other needs. If considering a Greenfield site, you may need to conduct a number of site studies. This is also the time to initiate formal incentives negotiation for your finalist locations